Assembling the domed house Dobrosfera

Assembling the frame of the domed house Dobrosfera

Attention! Before assembling your Dobrosphere, be sure to additionally read the instructions, which can be downloaded in the detailed description of each model in the section. Production.

How the Dobrosfera frames are assembled will become clear to you on the example of assembling the Z6 model. The constructors are very compact, for example the Z6 model fits entirely into the Lada Largus. Meanwhile, this is a full-fledged studio with a sleeping mezzanine with an area of up to 38 m2 for year-round living.

компактный размер.jpg

We spread it on the main struts of the lower tier. They are marked with a circle next to the groove.

распорки нижние.jpg


Using a mallet, we drive the dowel into the lower groove on the lower beam.

нагель в балку.jpg

нагель в паз общий.jpg

We put the spacer on the dowel in the beams standing on the base.

распорка на нагель.jpg

распорка на нагель готово.jpg

Finish off the bottom circle of beams.

нижний круг балок.jpg

Then we mount the second tier of beams, fastening the installed ones with pins and spacers.

второй ярус балок.jpg

второй ярус с распоркой.jpg

второй ярус крупно.jpg

We finish completely the second tier.

заканчиваем второй ярус.jpg

Next, it is necessary to sheathe at least 3 segments of the lower tier to give the structure the stability necessary for further assembly.

обшивка нижнего яруса.jpg

The photo below shows one segment.

обшивка нижний ярус общий вид.jpg

We fix the beams of the third tier on the segment.

балки третьего яруса.jpg

We sew at least 3 segments of the second tier, complete the assembly of the beams onto the central disc.

обшивка второго яруса и завершение сборки балок с центральным диском.jpg

We complete the cladding of the vertical segment completely.

обшивка одного вертикального сегмента.jpg

We fix the remaining beams on the central disk, connecting them with pins.

фиксируем оставшиеся балки на центральный диск.jpg

Install the remaining spacers and sheathe the frame to the end.

устанавливаем оставшиеся распорки.jpg

Once again, we remind you to carefully read the assembly instructions and strictly adhere to the recommendations given in it. The framework of your Dobrosphere is ready - quickly and easily.

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