Individual complex project of the domed house Dobrosfera

Dobrosfera P

Индивидуальный комплексный проект купольного дома Добросфера

Draft project for your tasks

On the basis of any frame from the Dobrosfera model range, we will develop an individual draft design and layout of your domed house, summer house, cafe, shop or camp site.

The cost of the project is uniform and does not depend on the model of the house.

The project will include:

  • plan of all floors, including marking;
  • situational plan with linking the house to the boundaries of the site;
  • drawing of the foundation with all offsets and structural elements;
  • construction of windows and doors;
  • wall areas for outdoor decoration;
  • main overall dimensions of the house;
  • reference dimensions for porch and terrace mounting;
  • technical visualization of interiors;
  • general sketch of the house;
  • all electrical elements by floor;
  • heating circuit schema;
  • water supply and sewerage schema;
  • list of materials for warm contour;
  • surface areas for calculating finishing.

Пример проекта купольного каркасного дома Добросфера Download the sample project that you will receive in PDF format

The term of execution of the draft design is from 2 weeks. Prepayment 100%. Checkout right here on the site.

You can download the layout template in the detailed description of the desired model to capture your ideas and wishes.

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