Dobrosfera Z8HL

Dobrosfera Z8HL

Dobrosfera  Z8HL
Total area:
127,7 m2
Diameter of the house:
8 m

The frame of the domed house on wooden locks

DOBROSFERA Z8HL – is a ready-made dome house, which you can assemble by yourself according to the instructions. The construction is patented. The dome is a self-bearing, that’s why you make any layout in a house. You can easily make an installation of the second floor by yourself. FREE SHIPPING. You can order DOBROSFERA Z8HL right here in our web site.

The floor logs of the first and second floors and the supports for them are made of ordinary boards with a section of 50x200 mm. Not included in the package. For the second floor, you can overlap the frame completely or leave a second light.

The construction set is made of solid coniferous wood: pine, spruce. The tree is thermo-dried, sterile. In the production process, treatment with antiseptics and other compounds is not performed.

The diameter of the round part of the frame is 8 m, length 10.7 m, wall thickness 195 mm, height 6 m. Transport characteristics: weight of the constructor 2.1 t, volume 3.6 & nbsp; m3. Supplied on Euro pallets in a package. Calmly overloaded by one person with his hands.

The delivery set includes only the frame, it is presented element by element in the instructions. OSB for cladding is purchased locally and sawn using the cut card from the instructions in 1 day.

Build at any time of the year.

Инструкция по сборке каркасного купольного дома Добросфера Z8HL с увеличенной длиной Download the assembly and operating instructions for the Dobrosfera Z8HL frame dome house in PDF format
Download the DOBROSFERA Z8HL floor plan template in PDF format
3D модель купольного дома Добросфера Z8HL Download 3D model of the domed house Dobrosfera Z8HL in STL format

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